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Expert Virus Removal & Tune-up $45

Restore Speed With a Complete  in Our Shop  Computer Tune-up . To Include - Virus Removal,  Internal Component Cleaning,  Registry Clean and Repair,  Remove Unnecessary Junk Files,  Delete Personal Tracking Files, Install All Updates & Drivers. $45 Guaranteed or it's Free. House Calls & Remote Online Virus Removal  Also Available. (small extra charge) call for details

Light Commercial and Business Computer Service and Networking

Light Commercial & Small Business

Light Commercial and Small Business Service With No Monthly Fee, You Only Pay Us If You Need Us. Based in Hanover Pa. 17331 (call for more info)

Full Service Computer Repair Hanover Pennsylvania 17331

Computer Repair

Full service repair to include software, hardware, internal components, keyboards, batteries, chargers, and screens. Desktops & Laptops. All makes and models. Free estimates. Major cards accepted. Discounts for Military, First Responders, and Nurses. We will be any legitimate repair quote.

Report Scammers

Computer Scams

Scam Alert

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Windows or Microsoft, It Is a Scam. They will say you have malicious files and they need to clean them out, or they may tell you your Microsoft license has expired. (Microsoft or Windows operating system licenses do not expire) They may tell you that you have a refund due for some service. They will ask permission to remotely access you computer, and remove the file for you, give you a refund, or update your license. This is a total scam to get your private info. Once they gain access they steal your passwords and implant a Trojan allowing them access any time they want. Then they will attempt charge you for solving your fake issues. Have you ever attempted to contact a real person at Microsoft. Yeah! Do you really think they are going to call you?

NEVER CALL any phone number that appears on your screen claiming to be from Windows or Microsoft or any other company. These are fake warnings of infection or some other issue. These are All Scams!

If you receive one of these fake screen warnings call you computer  repair company ASAP. You may already have a Virus. Do Not conduct any computer financial transactions until it is checked out. It would be best not to use the computer at all until it is gone over by a tech you trust.

The Scammer

Do not feel ashamed if you have fallen prey to a scam. They are very good at what they do. We remove several hundred scam related issues from machines every year. They continuously come up with new scams. If you encounter a situation that just does not feel right, it's usually is a scam. Trust your instincts. If not sure call you computer tech and ask before allowing anyone remote access to your machine.

Report a Scam

If you feel you have been scammed, you have a resource. The FBI has a web site to report scam issues. Use a friends or another computer to file the report. If you paid the scammer there is a chance of getting your money back.  Click on button below to file report.

If You Have Been Scammed

If you have been scammed or even think you have been. Change all of your passwords, including email, social media, work related sign ins, all financial passwords, and anything else you can think of. Again use a friends or another computer to change the passwords until yours is checked out. If you do any online banking, call your bank ASAP and make them aware of your concerns.

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