Mission Statement Honesty and Quality Werkmanship

Our Commitment

We spend many hours staying up on the latest technology to increase repair accuracy and to return your repaired computer in a timely fashion. We know in today’s world your time is limited and precious. We are available seven days a week. We will make every possible effort to work around your schedule.


We know what it feels like when money is tight. It seems like everything happens at once. The car breaks down, children have to visit the doctor, the list can go on and on. Then your trusty friend the computer gets sick. This is where we come in. Estimates are completely free. No down payment on repairs. You will know exactly what the repair cost is before we start. Please visit our repair cost page for more information.

In our business, like any other, word of mouth is everything. We are proud of our five star rating. Our slogan is (If We Can't Fix It You Don't Pay) We do not offer same day service except in an extreme emergency. We believe you deserve more than a quick glance and quick repair just to turn a quick buck. Most repairs done correctly can’t be done quickly.   (We Do Not Charge by the Hour)