Low Cost Computer Repair

Repair Cost

We Will Beat any Legitimate Repair Quote!

  • GWB Computer Systems Approach Repair Costs and Billing in a Different Manor. 

Most repair shops being retail chain centers or mom and pop operations charge a bench charge. Bench charges can range between $60 up to $120 or more. This is a non refundable charge to evaluate your computer. Most shops will deduct this fee from the repair cost. However if the computer is not repairable, or if you decide it is not worth the cost to repair they keep your bench charge fee, or deposit. 

  • We can generally look at your computer upon arrival and determine if it is worth investing any large amount of money for repairs by age and physical appearance. 

  • GWB Computer Systems Does Not have a bench charge, evaluation fee, or deposit on repairs (except for special order parts). If We Can't Fix It You Don't Pay. Even if you decide it is not worth fixing there is no charge. 

Most repair shops have a first hour minimum fee of  $60 to $120. Then an hourly rate that can range from ??? to ???? for each additional hour.

  • GWB Computer Systems Does Not have a first hour minimum or an hourly fee. You will know the total cost of repairs before we start. We will inform you on the computer's fair market value in repaired condition. This information is very helpful when making a repair decision. 

Excluding special circumstances we recommend not to repair computers when repair cost exceeds 75% of fair market value. 

         "Above Does Not Apply To Business Networking or in the Field Service"

         Important Questions To Ask Your Computer Repair Shop

1) Do you require a deposit, and if so how much?

2) Under what circumstances is my deposit refundable?

3) Will I be informed on the total cost of repairs before you start?

4) If the answer to #3 is no - than what is your hourly Rate?

5) How many hours will it take to make repairs?

6) Will the repairs be covered by a warranty?

7) If the answer to #6 is yes - than what is covered and how long?

8) Is internal component cleaning included? (fans, cooling module,  

    power supply, etc)

9) Will I receive an itemized quote, and or receipt?

10) When can I expect my computer to be returned?

                  Take time to shop, it could save you a lot of money.

       However the least or most expensive may not always be the best.

                                            Trust your instincts.